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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Amazing, Unbelievable Journey of Tiffany Darling

A blog I follow is "A Moment Cherished" by Tiffany Darling. I don't remember why or how I first started reading her blog posts, but it's been several years of reading about the amazing, almost unbelievable, journey that Tiffany and her family have been on. 

This is not the Darling family but it is from photostock
 at www.freedigitalphotos.net
It started with Tiffany and her husband, who had two birth children, wanting to adopt children, then going to Ethiopia, and adopting a little boy (who has special needs). While in-country, she connected just with eye-contact to a pre-teen street boy, and knew that God wanted him to be their son. That connection began (I think it was) a three year journey of seeing God work a miracle--that an American couple could adopt a homeless and family-less street boy. It was an incredible time reading her posts to see how God did it. And the trust in God that it took. 

Although Tiffany at times feels frustrated that she can't rescue every homeless child in Ethiopia, I gain from her story the fact that God adopts us and is not frustrated by any inability or powerlessness. And Tiffany's story of caring for and about orphans reminds us of God's care for and about us as spiritual orphans when we are without Christ. 

Currently, Tiffany and her husband live in Ethiopia. They are ministering "to the least of these." Their ministry is described on the "Mercy Branch" page of her blog.

After reading Tiffany's latest blog post, I just had to share her blog with you. I know it will build your faith and challenge your courage to trust, serve, and obey God. I know it has mine.


  1. Dearest Kathy, Thank you for sharing the Darling's story! It truly has built my faith and challenged my courage to trust, serve, and obey the Lord! God bless you dear friend!

    1. Cathy, I'm so glad you took the time to read about the Darling's adventure. My faith has also been built AND challenged by them. I thank God for them and I thank God for you because in your own way, you also have journeyed in faith and trust. I'm so glad the Lord doesn't compare. He just looks at our individual responses to Him. I may have to write about that--because I'm so very glad!!!!