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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Pale Blue Dot Means You Are Loved

Merry Christmas! 

How I pray this special day is meaningful as you celebrate our beloved Savior's birth. 

That very fact can become ho-hum; not "ho, ho, ho." But ho-hum because I'm taking it for granted and it easily becomes about the gifts, gatherings, and getting. So when I came across this photo, I again was touched by our "littleness." And in contrast, that God would send Jesus into the midst of our "littleness" because He loves us.

What is this photo? Inside the circle is earth. The photo is called "The Pale Blue Dot" and was taken by the spacecraft Voyager 1 in 1990 at the edge of the solar system--at about 6 billion kilometers away from us. 

Feeling small?

I am.

But just think how significant Jesus' incarnation is in comparison. God who fills all the space and beyond that is included in that photo, cared enough about that little blue dot and the tiny people on it to send Jesus. 

It makes us feel small but it makes our God's love magnified!

Merry Christmas! We're on the tiny blue dot but we are significantly big and important in God's eyes and plans. 

Praise God! And Have a Blessed Christmas!

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