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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When God Seems Lost

It's our final day visiting our seven-year-old grandson and he loves to create "worlds" on some computer game. Don't ask me about it; I don't have a clue. What kids can do these days! But he said something this morning that intrigued me.

As Raf began asking me to watch him play his video game, he mentioned, "I'm making a new world."

Grandpa (my husband) asked, "What happened to that other world you were making yesterday?"

Raf replied, "I got lost in it. So I'm making a new one."

We all chuckled thinking of how the creator got lost in his own creation.

I immediately thought, "I'm so glad God Almighty doesn't get lost in the world He created."

Yet I have to admit, sometimes it feels like He's lost--even in the world He created. When my faith is weak or my trust is overwhelmed with doubt, I wonder if I have to find Him because he is wandering around lost. Does He know what He's doing?

For instance, next week I'm scheduled to leave to speak in China and be gone for two weeks. Over the last week my 88-year-old mom's health has deteriorated to the point that we don't know what the future holds. My brother and sister and I are a great team but they live at a distance and it's sacrificial for them to come take over (my mom lives near me). 

When in a moment of doubt I wonder if God got His schedule confused about how He had lead me, it feels like God is lost. Only meditating on God's omniscience--how He knows everything--and isn't forgetful has kept me relaxed. I don't know what God is doing behind the scene but He's not lost. He knows exactly what He's doing and,,,

The Lord will accomplish what concerns me;
Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands. (Psalm 138:8 NASB)

Does it seem like God is lost right now? Or that He is cureless? I understand. But I'm so glad He's not only not lost but He knows exactly what He's doing, even if the plan isn't clear. I'm banking on that right now!


  1. Love it when your heart leaks through these posts . . . a great reminder - thanks! You're in our prayers as you deal with parent issues again. It's real life, right? Thanks for the refocus.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mom. As a reminder, what happens here on earth are mere details that have to be worked out, what is important is where we are headed. It is always amazing to look back at a "huge trial" and see how God guided us through. I asked Him one time (when dealing with a health problem with my Dad) if it would be possible to see His footprints in the sand as they were being made. I did, and what I saw surprised me! I saw my Mom reach out a hand to help my Dad through, a card come in from a friend, one of my siblings show up at just the right moment and even realized I was making my own "God prints" as I helped where I could. I hope you will be blessed by this thought as I was. Here is a footprint for you to start with! ;-)