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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Give-Away: "SuperGal vs. GOD"

I am so pleased to feature a brand new book by Lori Hynson. She authored the new book: SuperGal vs. GOD. Do I try to be SuperGal? You betcha. But Lori's book will help me—and other gals like me—to release my grip on SuperGal attempts and allow God to empower me instead.
There's a bunch of us who relate. If you'd like to put your name into the hat to possibly win a copy of Lori's book, check out the opportunity at the end of this post. She will send the winner an autographed copy of the book!
Here's her guest post! Enjoy!

 Your SuperPowers, or God’s?

Well, what’s a SuperGal? A fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers? Nope. She’s a non-fictional hero having extraordinary, or at least really high-functioning ability, to run her own life, and the lives of everyone around her! Poster child for Type A personality, multi-tasker, problem solver, people pleaser. Supremely independent.

Possessing SuperPowers? Yeah, baby!

Okay, so, what’s wrong with that? With being competent? Reliable? Perfect??

One word. Pride. It ain’t called a deadly sin for nothin’.

Pride is clutching a boa of arrogance around your shoulders. You’re an achiever. Successful. Somewhere along the way you actually started to believe you accomplished these things through your own efforts. Pride is a denial that those were a gift from God.

My nanny used to colorfully describe that as “smelling yourself.” Tweet That!

And pride, at its ugliest, is a denial of God’s abilities to run the entire universe, including even your little burg.

Ah, smiling, energetic SuperGal. All is well in our world so long as our alter-ego stays hidden. Right. That one. Bet you know exactly who I’m talking about. Behind closed doors, her dark presence lunges from her hiding place. She’s prideful. Haughty. Controlling. Not trusting in anyone but herself. She’s overwhelmed and overburdened. Embattled and embittered.

Sound familiar?

In The Screwtape Letters, author C.S. Lewis says, “There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right, then, have it your way.”

So we live our SuperGal life (it’s terrific, right? Right?), and do our best to keep the Princess-of-Quite-A-Lot shoved to the back of that junk-filled closet. Where she thumps. And scratches. And manages to stretch her fingers out from under the door where we’re sure to trip over them. But we manage to control her. Hide her. We’re SuperGals, after all.

Proverbs 16:18 tries to warn us. “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (NKJV)

But ears stuffed with pride can’t hear well. And sure enough, it happens. “That Day” arrives. That day a huge, horrible storm blows into our life. We knew it was coming, sooner or later. “No problem,” we say. “I can handle this. I’m gonna fix that problem, all by myself, just like I’ve always done.”

So we fire up those SuperPowers . . .Wait for it . . . But nothing happens. Huh? We try again, harder this time. Nothing. How can this be?

And then it hits us. Our SuperPowers have failed. Shorted out. Run out of juice. Unbelievably, we’ve failed. And we’re filled with remorse and guilt. Blame and shame. Everything we believed about our SuperPowersx was a lie. We were mere mortals all along.

Now what?

Then, in the silence of our despair, we hear it. A knock. God is standing at our door, and He’s holding all the power we’ll ever need. He’s waiting for us to open the door. He won’t kick it down. That’s not the way He rolls.

God, you see, doesn’t wish to be our Holy Help Desk, Tweet That! waiting for us to call for 24/7 live technical support when our lives have blue-screened. He wants us to trust Him for everything.

Trust. A hard, hard thing for a SuperGal to give. Trusting God means giving up control. Every last morsel. But it also means giving up the worry, the guilt and the fear. God’s power brings peace.

Come on, try it. Become a Recovering SuperGalaholic. Learn to trust Him in all ways, all days. Because it’s time to toss away Type A. It’s time to walk from Stressed to Blessed!

Lori Hynson - AuthorLori Hynson is the author of SuperGal vs. GOD. As a speaker, blogger and singer, she speaks in the heart of the woman who knows she can do anything, but feels the pressure to do everything! She blogs her Secrets of a Recovering SuperGal at www.lorihynson.com.

Always too busy and far too controlling, Lori’s life changed completely when she encountered a tragic storm too big for her own SuperPowers to handle. And finally, God had her right where He wanted her.

A wife, mother, Nana and retired business owner, Lori and her husband have five grown children, twelve grandchildren, and live outside Philadelphia, PA with Morticia the cat.
If you'd like to put your name in the drawing, please make a comment here or email me at Kathyspeak AT aol DOT com. I'll draw the winner on July 17th.

Drum Roll! The winner of the drawing for an autographed copy of SuperGal vs. God, Lori Hynson's new book, is...Mary Ann. Congratulations, Mary Ann, and thank you to everyone who put your name in the drawing. 


  1. So glad you discovered my good friend, Lori Hynson. Her critique group here in Lansdale, PA that meets in my home are cheering her on. Her message is such a needed one.

    1. Marlene, thanks so much for stopping by. It's been too long since I've seen you! How fun to know that you know Lori. Since you know her personally and sounds like you critiqued her book, I won't put your name into the drawing. But if you want to be in, let me know. Blessings to you!

  2. hello Kathy and Lori, I'm new here. and found your great website on Upgrade your life. Lori this blogpost is what i needed to hear so much today, i feel like this to often, i hope i win this great resource, i could really use it. I pray in Jesus' Name, Lord Bless these 2 women

    1. thank you for commenting here. What a blessing for Lori and myself to know that her guest post was meaningful for you. Isn't God amazing in how He works to provide our needs? I'll put your name into the drawing! And thank you for your blessings upon us.

  3. Drum Roll! The winner of the drawing for an autographed copy of SuperGal vs. God, Lori Hynson's new book, is...Mary Ann. Congratulations, Mary Ann, and thank you to everyone who put your name in the drawing.